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We Are Film Trading Company

Film Trading Company was established in 1987 to deal exclusively with photographic products and to serve / distribute all photographic materials and wide world known range of products to all Syrian customers thus being one of the market leaders in the photographic products field.

Then, FTC was able to expand its activities to cover the medical fields and to equip the most vital departments in hospitals, clinics, and other health care facilities

FTC was able to acquire a 25 % market share of the Syrian market by building its distribution network and its wide coverage in all over the Syrian cities by its quality products and by covering its products with a given warranty and after sales services according to the international standards.

FTC was also able to build its credibility for the Syrian customers by serving its customers needs and solving their problems (technical, market problems etc...), assist customers reaching their objective by providing solutions meet their requirements and assure their satisfaction,  in all over the Syrian cities through its expert and well – trained personnel.

FTC has expanded significantly, and has actively implemented its knowledge and skills in marketing and sales, beside its accumulated experience in technical service, which puts the company in the lead of the market, due to the following factors:

  1. Professionalism
  2. Good reputation in the market.
  3. Working to achieve customer satisfaction
  4. Flexibility of prices when it is needed whether during its dealing with the tenders announced by the Syrian government (for e.g. tenders announced by public hospital related to the Ministry of Health) or during its dealing with the private sector hospitals & clinics.
  5. Facility in payment granted to all its customers.
  6. Well trained engineers / personnel for preventive maintenance and after sales service.
  7. Following international standards in business management. (Quality management)
  8. Participation into international as well as national exhibitions.
  9. Translating all catalogs into Arabic to facilitate reading.
  10. Team work spirit

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